House Feng Shui

We often hear or read people designing or decorating their home based on feng shui but what is feng shui? A lot of people do not know much about it. Well, let me enlighten you. Feng shui is the ancient science and art of balancing space to assure good fortune and health. It is based on the Taoist religion and it aims to understand nature with the idea that the land and the earth are filled with Chi or energy.


Feng shui has many rules for the home and a few examples are that homes with a view of the cemetery is an ill place because it is a place of death. House numbers must be neat and visible and driveways should end at your home and not run along side your home.

Windows and doors are very important in feng shui because they let energy in your home and regulate it. So, if you want luck to enter your home there are a few feng shui rules for windows and doors which you must abide by. Also for practical reasons, you should not forget to install Auckland window blinds to prevent the sun from getting in and turning your home to an oven.

Success for Your Photography Business

When photography is your passion and you want to turn that passion into a business, you need all the help you can get, not only personnel-wise but also software-wise. The improvements in technology has made life easier for many business owners with the help of computers and various business software.


Keeping books no longer means manually entering values on a book. Now it means clicking here and in there and keying in the amounts on a computer. This automates the system making the word easier and shorter. One of the most reliable accounting software today is

A good accounting software is a worthwhile investment and no business, photography or otherwise, should be without it. With a good accounting software you will be able to watch your business develop and grow and join the big leagues. It is every business owner’s benefit to acquire something that will help his or her company in the present and the near future.

With a growing business you need all the help you can get with taking photographs; editing photographs; getting clients; retaining clients and staying ahead of the competition. You need to maximize your earnings and scale back on the expenses without affecting the quality of your output. Success for your photography business is within arm’s reach.


Having Any Luck with Your Business Cards?

Are you having any luck closing deals or meeting prospective investors or bringing business through your door? If you have not been having such a good time with your business. perhaps it is time to reevaluate a few things. It could be a marketing issue and it can also be a problem with your strategy. Or it could be a problem with the image you project to others.


Even things as small as business cards affect your image and how well you are accepted by others. It is important that you choose a design that represents you and your company. Your card must have all the elements needed to make the customer or investor remember your brand and your company. Most people would not pay too much attention to issues as small as cards but they can affect your business.

If you want to turn your luck around and engage more people, you should have well-designed loyalty cards and business cards. Quality cards are not that expensive and it makes a lot of sense to invest on them as often they are the first impression people get of your company. They are powerful marketing campaign materials and they also help in customer retention and build brand loyalty. With improved loyalty you do not have to spend as much money getting new people to try or purchase your service or product and the money you save can be used for other more important things. If this is something which is not worth investing in, then I don’t know what is.


Swim with Whales in Tonga

What do you want to do this summer? Do you want to learn a new language? Do you want to participate in sports? Or do you want to travel and see something new? For those of you who love to travel and love new experiences, have you ever considered swimming with whales?

Swimming with whales is a truly unique experience which you will remember for yours to come, something which you brag about to your family and friends. After all, how many times do you get a chance to swim with whales.


Such an amazing nature experience in Tonga is something that you can have in your lifetime. Tours are accompanies by experienced skippers and qualified guides to make your experience not only unforgettable but also safe. Tonga is not only popular for swimming with whales, there are also many places where you can relax and just be with nature. If you have been getting stressed in the office lately, it is time to take a break and reinvigorate yourself and there is no better way to do that than to head to the beach and maybe even swim with whales.

So, head to Tonga now and swim with whales. Everybody at the office will wish they had done the same.

Importance of Photographs

It is always great to have something to look back on, especially when we are talking about life’s most important events. What better way to keep the memories alive than by taking photographs. Photographs can be shared with family and friends and those who were not present during the celebration.

If you were to ask people what they would rescue from their house if it was on fire, other than family, most would definitely say their photographs! Photographs matter because they are our recorded memories and they have a powerful force in our lives.

Photographs are part of our legacy which are to be shown to our children and grandchildren. They can be likened to small pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which complete a larger picture of our lives.


Photographs can express emotions; joy, sorrow, wonder, confusion and many others. If you have an approaching celebration or event, you should start looking for a professional photographer early. The earlier you start, the better because the process is not that easy. Once you have at least five options, you need to start calling them up for their rates and you also need to ask their previous clients how satisfied they were with the service. Preferably, you want a photographer with at least 85% satisfied rate.

For your professional photography needs, go to


Lucky Charms

A lot of people believe in the power of lucky charms, they say that having one on them provides them with a lot of luck whenever they pursue their endeavors. Like for example, an office worker will wear his “lucky” pair of socks on the day that he will apply for a promotion, or a gambler will wear his “lucky” ring when he tries his luck at the casino, or there’s this artist who will use his “lucky” tools when he creates his statuettes made out of plaster.

F34 Lucky Horseshoe Hanging Decoration-800x800

An item can be considered a good luck charm when it always brings the person a lot of luck, and it can come in many forms, like a lucky rabbit’s foot, or a four-leaf clover, or a particular article of clothing (socks, shirt, etc.). I was lucky that I was able to get a good house at a good rate, and I have no complaints about it, all thanks to the lucky horseshoe that I have with me all the time. All I need to do now is to do some renovation work, and I’ve been looking at Rock Solid Plastering company website for assistance. Who knows, I might get lucky again.

You Make Your Own Luck

A lot of people believe in luck, and I do too. You make your own luck, and I believe that you can make your own luck too (I’m sure your wondering how), don’t worry; I’ll share the secret with you. Just like when you rent a property, you should do your homework first.


The key to making your own luck is to make sure that you work very hard for it, you work for it in such a manner that it’s so hard that there will be no other choice but for things to go your way. You should also be willing to take risks, because if you take risks, then you open yourself up for rewards (more risk=more reward).

Successful businesses seem to have a lot of luck, and that is true because they have worked very hard to be where they are. One example is Wellington rental properties, they make sure that they earn everything they get. It may take a lot of risk, but if you work hard, then you are bound to get lucky sooner or later.

Our Perception on Luck

A lot of things come into mind when people say luck, but usually it’s something we wish we all have; and lots of it too! I have encountered plenty of situations where I could say that I have run out of luck, and there are also some situations where I can say that I have a lot of luck. Even in photography, it takes a lot of luck to get a good shot! I know that it’s pretty funny to think, but I think I have found out a way to be consistently lucky.

lucky charm

Just like a good worker, you need to have lot of patience, especially when you perceive that you are already running out of luck. Don’t give up! Work harder, be persistent, and you are bound to hit your goal.  Just like when you go over great portrait photo designs, you need to take a lot shots to get that one perfect shot; just keep at it. Oh, and good luck!

Lucky Traveler

I was scanning through my social media accounts and I noticed that many of my friends are either on the beach, somewhere out of the country, or enjoying a luxurious vacation. And as usual, I got envious of their great lives. Traveling is a luxury I barely have. And my friends are really lucky to have such luxury. But I’ll stop wallowing in self-pity and just focus on my future travel plans. Yes, someday, I’ll travel the world. I know, I will.

I know it’s not a matter of luck. I think it’s just a matter of hard-work, time management, motivation and whatnot. Anything but luck. Well, some people are born rich. That’s some kind of luck, I guess. But one must take chances too, no matter the circumstance. If I ever get to travel abroad, I’ll definitely get a  dependable People Movers transport service. Cause there’s danger to traveling abroad too. So having trustworthy professionals to drive you to your destination from the airport is important. And it’s better to be safe than sorry.


For the meantime, I’m back to my normal life, complying to the routines imposed by daily living. But someday, soon, I’ll be as cool as my friends and I’ll travel the world like a king!

Good Luck Spider?

Spider Control

There are many superstitions regarding spider. Some culture view spider as a bringer of  negative things; that its web symbolizes entrapment or being ensnared, figuratively or literally. But many cultures around the world also believe that spiders at home bring good luck. According to superstitions, one must not get rid of a home spider because it brings good luck to the homeowner.


This came to mind because there’s a spider weaving a web in the corner of my room’s ceiling. I don’t know how did this tiny creature came in here. And since I am not that superstitious, I think I’m gonna get rid of it. Not kill it, though. I will just sweep it off or something and free it outside.

But I read somewhere that spiders can be a nuisance, especially when there’s an army of them. If ever I get invaded by spiders, like a bunch of them, I’ll definitely seek help from a dependable Auckland spider control company and get rid of them all. Luckily, my spider’s just a lone soldier, just weaving its beautiful home. Such a lovely sight! Kind of creepy, but lovely, especially because of how delicate and intricate its web is.  I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that this tiny spider wouldn’t come back bringing an army!