Lucky Charms

A lot of people believe in the power of lucky charms, they say that having one on them provides them with a lot of luck whenever they pursue their endeavors. Like for example, an office worker will wear his “lucky” pair of socks on the day that he will apply for a promotion, or a […]

You Make Your Own Luck

A lot of people believe in luck, and I do too. You make your own luck, and I believe that you can make your own luck too (I’m sure your wondering how), don’t worry; I’ll share the secret with you. Just like when you rent a property, you should do your homework first. The key […]

Our Perception on Luck

A lot of things come into mind when people say luck, but usually it’s something we wish we all have; and lots of it too! I have encountered plenty of situations where I could say that I have run out of luck, and there are also some situations where I can say that I have […]

Lucky Traveler

I was scanning through my social media accounts and I noticed that many of my friends are either on the beach, somewhere out of the country, or enjoying a luxurious vacation. And as usual, I got envious of their great lives. Traveling is a luxury I barely have. And my friends are really lucky to […]

Good Luck Spider?

Spider Control There are many superstitions regarding spider. Some culture view spider as a bringer of  negative things; that its web symbolizes entrapment or being ensnared, figuratively or literally. But many cultures around the world also believe that spiders at home bring good luck. According to superstitions, one must not get rid of a home […]

Born Lucky?

I’ve been thinking about how some people seem to have all the luck in the world. I have this friend whose life I wish I was living. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, did well in school, dated the coolest chicks, drove the most awesome cars, and when we graduated from […]